A survey of the 1,700 victims whose religion was listed found approximately 10% were Jewish indicating around 270 in total. Jonah 4:9 Parallel. Many elevators did not plunge, but were destroyed by the crash and subsequent fires, or were stranded in the shafts. [citation needed] 6And the LORD God prepared a gourd, and made it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a shadow over his head, to deliver him from his grief. and he said, I doe well to be angry, euen vnto death. [71], Before the Twin Towers collapsed, an estimated 200 people fell to their deaths from the burning towers, landing on the streets and rooftops of adjacent buildings hundreds of feet below at a speed of almost 150 miles per hour—sufficient to cause instantaneous death upon impact, but insufficient to cause unconsciousness throughout the actual fall. If conditions warrant on your floor, you may wish to start an orderly evacuation. [144] The extreme heat, pressures and contamination from the collapse of the buildings has caused some of the DNA to become degraded and unusable. The list includes WTC tenants (all buildings), vendors, visitors, independent emergency responders, as well as some hijacked passenger-related firms. [69], To witnesses upon the ground, many of the people falling from the towers seemed to have deliberately jumped to their deaths,[73] including the person whose photograph became known as the Falling Man.
[145] Samples were also degraded because some body fragments remained in the rubble for 8 to 10 months. (2008). Others who managed to escape credit the "Survivors Staircase," an outdoor staircase that survived the disaster, and World Trade Center workers who knew escape routes. Conesa-Sevilla, J. [34] Within a window of 17 minutes, between 8:46 am and 9:03 am, an estimated 1,400 people successfully evacuated from above floor 77 of the South Tower, while roughly 600 people did not. When first responders arrived at WTC 1 teams were ordered to help evacuate occupants of the tower. If you have questions, call 1-800-222-8222. [20], At the time of the attacks, media reports suggested that tens of thousands might have been killed. [31] Similar evacuations were carried out on the floors occupied by Fiduciary Trust, on the 90th, 94th–97th floors, as well as in the offices of Fuji Bank (on floors 79–82), CSC (floor 87)[32] and Euro Brokers on floor 84,[33] which occupied the floors directly above the 78th floor Skylobby.

and he saith, 'To do good is displeasing to me -- unto death.' [62] An additional 24 people officially remain listed as missing[as of?]. Solicitor General Theodore Olson, was aboard Flight 77.[95]. At the moment of the impact of Flight 175, up to 200 people were in the Skylobby on the 78th floor waiting for elevators.
Treadwell was in the park later in the year than normal,[2] at a time when bears attempt to gain as much fat as possible before winter.

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